Baseball and Softball can be played all year round, the seasons are now longer and more demanding than they have ever been, even at the youth level. Athletes will have practice every day and play multiple games throughout the week, including doubleheaders and round-robin tournament play on any given day. Without the presence of well-executed strength and conditioning program, athletes can be predisposed to injuries from overuse at the shoulder girdle, elbow, midsection as well as the hip and knee.


At Next Level, we have designed the Baseball and Softball Performance program to be comprehensive as we address of all aspects of performance from strength and power development to movement efficiency and skill acquisition. Athletes will engage in an age and sport appropriate program that will emphasize the following commonly injured areas:

  • Shoulder

  • Hip and Knee

  • Ankle

  • Midsection

  • Hands, fingers, and forearms​


Beyond the weight room, athletes can schedule sessions with our Baseball/Softball instructional staff to develop and refine aspects of their game that need improvement. For more information on how to book an instructional session please CLICK HERE


To schedule a training session, please email Coach John Ellis at