In today’s age, we as coaches and parents are asking more of our athletes than ever before, especially at the youth level. Across all sports, seasons blend together year round whether it be recreational, club, or high school. Athletes encounter multiple practices over the course of the week, sometimes practicing twice in a single day. Bear in mind, this doesn’t include the games and tournaments over the weekend. Such a schedule can take a toll on our athletes and if they are not properly prepared for such demands, the possibility of psychological ‘burnout’ or injury increases exponentially. As a result, strength and conditioning has become a necessity to the success of your athlete.    

At Next Level Sports Performance, we understand that optimal performance is a multifaceted issue that demands a comprehensive approach. Our coaching staff will prepare your athlete for the rigors of their competitive season with effective instruction and appropriate programming based on the goal(s) of the athlete and the demands of their sport.


This includes developing the athlete's movement efficiency, strength, and power in addition to addressing all commonly injured areas within the sport. This will not only improve your athlete's performance, but also ensure that he or she remains healthy throughout the year.


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