Preferred by nearly three-in-four Major League players, maple bats are known for their durable surface strength and stiffer feel. This M9 C271 combines a matte black finish with white branding for a classic look. The Louisville Slugger Legacy Wood Bat Series is ideal for high school, college, adult senior league and Minor League players alike. As aluminum bats became a part of the game, the demand for large-barreled, thin-handled bats led to the popularity of the C243. A prime weapon of choice for power hitters, it features a slightly end-loaded barrel, distributing more mass in the sweet spot of the barrel.

Louisville Slugger Legacy Maple M9 C243

SKU: 887768707712
    • Wood: Series 5 Maple
    • Turning Model: C243
    • Swing Weight: Slight End Load (4)
    • Barrel: Large
    • Handle: Standard
    • Bone-rubbed
    • Cupped
    • Finish: Matte Black
    • Decals: White