Louisville Slugger Prime wood bats provide authentic power to professionals in Major League Baseball. As the official bat of MLB, each one of these models comes with a pristine look, premium pop on contact, and one of the hardest hitting barrels in baseball. With branding that blends into the pro-grade wood with perfect precision, there's no added stress, pressure, or heat applied so that you're swinging a wood bat in its purest form. MLB Prime wood bats are also coated with the multi-layered Exoarmor that is guaranteed to double the hitting surface hardness, supply a superior sound, and extend the overall life of each design. Don't even start to think that the hard truth ends there because it doesn't. Adding to the already long list of revolutionary features, each Louisville Slugger Prime arrives bone rubbed with a pro cupped end to ensure a more dense piece of wood with incredible strength. To earn the title as the Official Bat of Major League Baseball, all of these Prime wood bats will also come with the ink dot certification below the barrel to prove the slope-of-grain requirement for MLB approval. The best part? Each one of these wood baseball bats is handcrafted with pride in the United States. Louisville Slugger: Leave Your Mark! 



Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime Quanta C271 Ash Wood Bat

    • Official Bat Of Major League Baseball

    • Approximate 2 1/2 Inch Barrel Diameter

    • Approximate -3 Length To Weight Ratio

    • Bone Rubbed To Compress Wood & Make It More Durable

    • C271 Turn Model

    • EXOPRO Finish For Improved Appearance & Hardness

    • Colorway: Flame | Electric Blue

    • Manufactured With Pride In The United States

    • MLB Grade Ash Wood Construction

    • Balanced Swing Weight

    • Pro Cupped End Ensures A Harder Piece Of Wood During Construction

    • Seamless Decals Deliver A Pristine Look Without Added Stress Or Heat

    • Standard Handle Supplies Better Control At The Plate

    • Standard Knob