This 12 inch glove has the most essential feature of a pitcher style of glove: the closed web. No batters will be able to sneak looks into the glove and see if your gripping that nasty curve you have in your arsenal. As well, if you are hoping to avoid a long break-in period, then this is an excellent option of glove to snag. It comes 80% broken in from the factory and only leaves 20% of the break-in process to the player.

Rawlings R9 Series Adult Pro Taper 12"

    • Very Little Break-in Required; Nearly Game Ready (Only 20% of Break-In Will Be Left To Player)

    • Colorway: Black | Gold

    • Designed For A High School To Adult Sized Hand (But Commonly Recommended For Select Players 8-14 Years Old)

    • Index Finger Pad On Shell Backing For Protection and Comfort

    • Soft & Durable, All Leather Shell

    • 12.00 Inch Length

    • 206 Pattern - 12.00 Inch Length. The Deepest Pocket And Standard Palm Width. Closes Thumb To 4th Finger And Pinky.

    • Recommended For Pitchers And Infielders (Third Base)

    • Conventional Open Back

    • Two-Piece, Closed Web

    • Reinforced Palm Pad For Impact Reduction

    • Padded Thumb Loop For Added Protection

    • Padded Fingerback Liners For A Soft, Comfortable Feel