Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. From youth to high level club programs, participation has grown to be year-round and highly competitive. Athletes practice every day and may have multiple games over the course of the week. Such a demand can take a toll on the body, and if the athlete isn’t engaged in a well-executed strength and conditioning program, their risk for injury increases exponentially.

The Soccer Performance program is designed to be comprehensive for the modern soccer athlete. We address of all aspects of performance from skill acquisition to general physical preparation. Athletes will engage in an age and sport appropriate strength and conditioning program that will emphasize the following commonly injured areas:

  • Head, Neck, and Upper back

  • Hip and Knee

  • Ankle

  • Midsection

Beyond the weight room, athletes will engage in a progressive training program, focusing on energy system development (ESD) appropriate to their playing position, as well as performing a speed and agility program to improve quickness and game speed movement


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